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Another Reader Question And Friday Fun

My McAfee About To Expire…

I want to thank you for all the good information on your website and I am hoping you can give me some advice. The McAfee on my new computer is due to expire and it is asking me to buy a subscription or I won’t be protected. Should I renew or should I get something else? I will be using this computer a lot and want the best protection. Thank you.
~ TB

A: TB,
In this day and age of Internet Insecurity, it is absolutely vital (IMHO) that any device that connects to the World Wide Web has antivirus: and, an “expired” antivirus is next to no antivirus. I have written much about Internet/PC security (and answered this question before). But the competition between the various vendors means that the answer to “who’s the best?” changes year to year… and I suspect you want my short answer. (And, currently, McAfee is not it.)

So, for Sept/Oct 2011 my General recommendations are:

[You may be interested to know, PC World magazine also has those first two as their top reco’s: see, Free vs. Fee: Free and Paid Antivirus Programs Compared

Can free antivirus software protect you? Or is it worth paying for a full-blown A/V app? We look at the benefits–and pitfalls–of free and paid antivirus products.]

Additionally: (Internet security is much more complex than bullet point answers!)

● I prefer to fine-tune my answers to the User: everybody is different, after all. To get your own “fine-tuned” recommendation, try Gizmo’s Freeware Security Wizard.

This Wizard has been designed to help you select the best free security software for your PC based on the version of Windows that you use, your technical computer skills and your general level of security risk (Read more…).”

Friday Fun:

Today’s quote:If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people?” ~ Unknown

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  1. You could always switch to Linux and never have to worry about all that virus stuff again. :-)


    Comment by Paul Andrew Russell | October 2, 2011 | Reply

    • Paul Andrew Russell,
      I really do not want to be the bearer of bad news, but the *nix operating systems are not immune from cybercriminals and their malware, (no operating system is) only less targeted. (In the case of Linux, much less.)

      Nor spam/scam email. Nor fraudulent websites. Etc., etc.

      I recommend running an AV on (yes, even Linux) Internet-connected machines, and using paranoid common sense while online, no matter what the logo on the device. And backing up your files. Etc., etc.

      And I certainly do not want to “knock” Linux users or Linux, but I only recommend Linux to those who are a bit “techy”, are willing to learn (look things up in forums) .. the types who read the manual. For the “average computer user”, I would recommend a Mac if they wanted an alternative to Windows PC (and maybe an Android tablet, depending on their intended uses).
      For those curious types, I do suggest running Linux from a “live CD” and giving it a “test drive”. Linux is free, and fully functional. And, currently, most “viruses” do not work on it.


      Comment by techpaul | October 2, 2011 | Reply

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