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Fickle Flying Finger of Fate…*

I’m still waiting..

Folks, there will not be an article today on Tech–for Everyone.. and it is quite possible that I may never write another article ever again. I may just retire.

Now before you go getting all ‘het up’, and cross with me, I want you to ask yourself if maybe you wouldn’t retire too.. if you were me. Understand, I’m rich now. See? This e-mail from Mrs. Anderson proves it:

Ref: UK/0274K82/10
Batch: 172/104/ZY370
We the Board and Management of the British National Lottery happily announce to you the draw (#251) of the British National Lottery.. claim a total sum of £1,000,000 (ONE
MILLION POUNDS) in cash credited…

I am not exactly sure how much real money a million “pounds” works out to be.. but I’m thinking it is a pretty good sum, and I’m hoping it is enough to buy myself a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific.. Because I think that would be pretty neat. Me. Palm trees. Sandy beaches. Sunshine.

I have sent my vital information, and winning reference number to Mr.Hillary Martins (The Foreign Service Manager) as the e-mail instructed me to do.. and now I am simply waiting for them to deposit the money into my account.
Once that happens, I’m pretty sure I’ll be out of here.. because that’s gotta be a lot of money.

In fact, I think it’s enough money that I’m willing to overlook the “PRICE AWARD”. (I know they meant “prize”. They’re probably just as excited and happy as I am..) I’ve never been a millionaire before.. this is so cool!

Today’s free link:

*** Folks– I try to keep it lighthearted on Fridays, but for those of you who are security-minded I offer you this link as well: China’s cyber-militia behind U.S. blackouts?

[Original posting: 5/30/08]

Y’all enjoy your weekend, ya’ hear? And, please, let’s be safe out there — exercise some paranoid common sense when surfing the web!

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