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The CD That Won’t Die

Back To The Stone Age?

There is a new optical disc technology said to be (coming) available this month that actually uses a “rock-like” material. Why? So that the things you burn to disc will be “carved in stone” — these new DVD’s are said to last 1,000 years!

More and more folks are turning to cloud services like Dropbox to store their oh-so-precious private data, but when it comes to truly valuable info, it’s still a good idea to keep a physical backup disc around in case those virtual services crap out on you. Then again, CDs and DVDs scratch waaaaay too easily and have limited shelf lives. If you’ve ever been screwed by a big gouge across an important backup disc, you might want to check out the new optical media that’s hitting the market soon. Supposedly, it lasts forever, and the Department of Defense vouches for its resiliency.Read more..  

One might indeed call that “permanent data retention”. Here’s a brief video..

From their website: “The M-DISC is the first ever permanent file backup disc that lasts forever. Unlike computer hard-drives and optical discs (CD and DVD) that suffer from decay, destroying the files you were trying to preserve and protect, the M-DISC cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes. Best of all, you can access your data anywhere and anytime. It is the new standard in digital storage.

If you have files, photos, or important documents that you can’t afford to lose (and who doesn’t?) then you need backup copies. Period. This new disc technology will sure help us do that right. The M-Disc website is here. Check it out.

Note: You have to make copies [and I suggest store one set elsewhere]. They don’t happen by magic. Fortunately, I have something that can help make that job easier…

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Apple In The News: I’m sorry, but it seems I must join my fellow tech writers and join in the iPhone 5 frenzy of stories..

If Apple can’t keep its own site up, can we really count on iCloud?

Since Apple claims iCloud will be the central hub for the digital lives of a hundred million or so iOS users, they need to be able to prove iCloud will be able to hold up under the demand.Read more..

Um.. good luck with that.

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