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Free DVD Cloning Software | Amazing! | Friday Fun

A bit of a “grab bag” for you today – enjoy.

Let’s get started, shall we?..

• The folks at BDlot wrote me and informed me that they have released a new, upgraded version of their flagship, all-in-one DVD backup software, and to help promote it, are having a giveaway.

Our newly-upgraded BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate 3.0.

In addition to maintaining abilities of burning DVD and backing up DVD as ISO image/Video_TS Folder/MPEG2 file, BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate 3.0 presents two new functions: directly write Video_TS folder and ISO image to DVD, and emulate virtual DVD drive to mount ISO image. This more comprehensive version helps users to:

  1. Realize the direct backup of DVD to blank DVD disc, DVD to ISO image, DVD to Video_TS folder, ISO image to DVD and Video_TS folder to DVD without help of any third party program.
  2. Conveniently access programs, game and system software that are published as ISO image files; and use ISO file repeatedly in a faster and more efficient way.
  3. Freely use up to 23 DVD virtual drives emulated in their computer.

Your readers are welcome to see more giveaway information on Use free license BU-TTTDYZYG-GMFGEP to activate it before Oct 20, 2011.

• Today I received a flyer from my preferred gizmo and gadget store (Micro Center). In it, I saw a 2TB hard drive being advertised for $70, and once again, I had to say “wow”, shake my head, and – once again – appreciate Moore’s Law.
I remember the days when the idea of fitting two terabytes on a single drive was an idea roughly comparable to flapping your arms and flying to sun – never happen – and giant 20 Gigabyte drives cost almost as much as a used car…

(I wrote on this some time ago now. Did you see it? A trip back to the land of Mega)

• Friday Fun videos have become a bit of tradition around here.

Quote of the day:An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” ~ commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin

The weekend’s almost here.. and it’s a gorgeous day here in the Silicon Valley.. yay!

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