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A Good Deal (And More)

Folks, an alert reader has informed me of a limited-time special discount I think you all will want to take advantage of.

Sandboxie – the 2010 winner of my coveted FOTIS Award (Click the link, and read why) – in celebration of (new) version 3.60, the Personal Lifetime License is offered at 50% off!
One license allows you to use Sandboxie on any number of computers that you personally own, and if you get the “lifetime” license, well, you’re covered forever.

The Internet has become such a dangerous place, that I recommend – whenever possible – surfing with your browser (or computer) “sandboxed”, and my recommended tool for that is Sandboxie. To read more about this great security program, please click here. (To buy, click here.)

Thank you, Dear Reader (you know who you are).

Larry Page: Google+ is just beginning, will become ‘automagical’

That strategy will likely further unify the brand as a single, utterly comprehensive platform that attempts to cover every aspect of our lives.” Read more..

(And show us ads.. yippee.)

Today I am doing something a bit different. I will be taking a brief ‘time out’ from being the world’s best tech for hire, and attending a “fun” fundraising event which helps out the athletic program at one of our local schools.

No, I do not have any children, but I believe in that Kallyfornyah Bumpersticker Philosophy of “what comes around goes around”.
Wait.. that isn’t quite right.. um, er.. “if you love something, set it free”? No. That isn’t it either.
I know it isn’t “save the whales”..

Bah. I need more coffee. I know that “no good deed goes unpunished”, but I think our kids are spending too much time playing Xbox and not enough time playing sports (there was no talk of “childhood obesity” when I was growing up..) and so I am “putting my money where my mouth is”. So to speak. Whatever. I mention it, not to crow; I hope it will start some gears turning out there..

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Today’s quote:He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” ~ Victor Hugo

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