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Which Portable For My Daughter?

A Reader Writes In With A good Question..

Q: hi, I am trying to buy a tablet/ipod/multimedia machine for my daughter for christmas.  She is 7, so usage will be music, games a little surfing on utube and various online games! I am getting such mixed reviews and when i go into a store they are all trying to sell me a note book – this i do not want! (we have laptops etc) So which should I go for? the Samsung galaxy s multimedia player 8g or a ipod touch or a budget tablet such as Arnova10 G2?? Please help! i am not techy and need some advice from someone in the know!
Many Thanks, L

A: L,
All three would work.

That isn’t what you wanted to hear, I am wagering.. so let me opine a bit.

I think of those 3 choices, the first and last are more “likely” – as the iTouch screen is a bit on the small side, and so use for it is more like the hand-held gaming consoles (PSP, Gameboy) and music players (iPod), and less for Netflix and YouTube watching.

I think all you need is what is sometimes called an “Internet tablet”.
I think you would prefer a 7″ screen, as the 10″ are big enough to be awkward and .. well, less ‘portable’.
You would want Flash (for YouTube).
And Wi-Fi.
8 GB’s holds lots of songs.. but not too many movies.. probably 8 is “big enough”.

So.. something like your 3rd would be my inclination – and I like the idea of cheaper, as your daughter is still rather young and things happen.. less of a loss. But that’s just me. My “logic”.

Unfortunately/Fortunately, almost everybody and their brother is producing a “budget” (or.. “basic”) 7″ tablet, so you’ve many to choose from. Sony has one. Acer. Samsung. Etc., etc..
As to which of  those to choose, my own personal drothers is the one that’s on sale. But other people have other criteria.. maybe one has a pink case? (Just a “what if”. I am not presuming your daughter likes pink.)

Perhaps this web page will help: at least maybe in a “comparison” way. But if the unit has those things I mentioned: Wi Fi, Flash Player, 8 GB’s it should cover the bill.

Also.. If you are trying to decide between two basically identical units .. I would go with the one that has the recognizable name brand.. or, more RAM.

Hope I helped somewhat. Perhaps folks who have recently made such a decision as the one you are facing will Comment (below) and help out, so check back here..

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