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Practical advice for greater online safety

The materials below are practical advice on how to be a savvy and successful digital citizen.

If you surf the web, you should know ..

How to:
Get a security update, tool, or scan

Protect my kids from online risks

Protect my computer

Protect myself from scams

Protect my personal information

Create strong passwords

Security terms

Free materials

Digital citizenship in action: A guide to education and events

The materials below are included in Microsoft’s Digital Citizenship in Action Toolkit. You will find practical advice on how to be a savvy and successful digital citizen. Use the materials to:

Teach yourself: Practical advice for greater online safety

Free materials including brochures, fact sheets, tip cards, videos, and posters to give you the basic information you need to help you stay safe online.

Teach others: Online safety presentations and event planning

Information and free materials to make a presentation or put together an event.




Hey.. a bonus:

(One minor problem.. I don’t FB nor Twit.. never have.)

Bonus bonus: Countdown to Black Friday Deals (electronics)

Today’s quote:I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance.” ~ Reuben Blades

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