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It’s a cat’s life…

This morning was one of those mornings I came out to find the Windows “welcome screen” waiting for me, instead of my work-in-progress (and open websites), which meant that Windows Update had reboot-ed my machine; which is a pretty good indicator that yesterday was Patch Tuesday.

No, I didn’t lose any work.
Because now we have cool built-in “save my bacon” things like “autodraft”; and modern browsers will remember my “tabs”, and offer to “restore” my “session” – etc..

It wasn’t always like this.
Long ago, now, back in what I call the Jurassic Period, whenever I was working on a computer I would end each sentence I typed with a period and a Ctrl + S (the “keyboard shortcut” for the Save command).
That was because Windows 95 might freeze, “lockup”, spontaneously reboot, or just BSOD at any given – totally random – time, for no (apparent) rhyme and no (apparent) reason. And seemed to like doing it.

By the time Windows 98 Second Edition came along, things weren’t quite so bad, and my habit softened and mollified itself to typing Ctrl + S at the end of every paragraph.
I maintained this habit right up through the second “service pack” for Windows XP.
With that release, “Windows” and the word “stable” (in Geekspeak, “stable” means “doesn’t crash too ofen”), could actually be used in the same sentence..

Where am I going with this..? Oh. Yes. I remember: some time ago now I wrote two articles I would like to put in front of you again.. in case you missed them.

Finding my computer reboot-ed this morning didn’t bother me because I know a rather important fact – updates are our friends, and we want them. Please see Learn to love the pop up.

And I realized just how long ago it was I dropped my Ctrl + S habit.. and I marveled at the fact that my (main) Windows 7 computer has not had a single BSOD. (And I’ve been running Win7 since the RC.)
Not a one! Please see, It is time to face facts and finally dump Windows XP

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Today’s quote:It isn’t so much that hard times are coming; the change observed is mostly soft times going.” ~ Groucho Marx

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