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Worthy of your attention..

Facebook settles with FTC over privacy complaints

Facebook on Tuesday agreed to a settlement of a Federal Trade Commission complaint that the social network illegally “deceived consumers” by failing to keep promises to protect the privacy rights of its 800 million members.Read more..

(Who was it that popularized the ‘do it until you get caught, then apologize’ school of ethics?)

• The Android Market just had its ten billionth app downloaded. In honor of hitting this mark, they are placing ten top (popular) apps on sale for a mere ten cents each. The sale will last for ten days (the 6th – 16th, I believe). (So you will want to visit each day..)
(Thank you, Dear Reader, for bringing this to my attention.)

The cloud is growing faster than the networks it relies on

The growth of cloud computing will outpace the growth of network infrastructure, and that will mean both enterprise IT and consumers will have to make some tough calls.” Read more..

Cellphone Surveillance Raises ‘Paranoid’ Questions

In the classic paranoid delusion, the CIA is watching us through our television sets. It turns out we might have had the wrong device, though, because someone could very well be watching our every move — on our cellphones.Read more..

Today’s quote:

Life is mostly froth and bubble,

Two things stand like stone,

Kindness in another’s trouble,

Courage in your own.

~Adam Lindsay Gordon

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