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Best High-speed Internet Provider Where You Live

To locate and identify what types of Internet services are available where you live, what they cost, and what people are saying about them (user reviews) — a service locator is a good place to start: such as the one at the very useful website, Broadband/DSL Reports. (No. It is not just for DSL.) Simply click on the “find service” tab, and enter your ZIP code.

If upgrading to a faster type of connection simply is not possible where you live, you may be able to “tweak” your TCP/IP Settings for slightly better performance. This involves changing things in the Windows Registry, and so I recommend that you use a safe tool to try this (if you try it at all), and one of the best of these can be found on the “Tools” page at DSL Reports. Use the tools there to determine if there are any problems with your settings, and follow the recommendations (particularly, “Tweak Test”). Then download Dr. TCP and make the adjustments recommended by the Tweak Test tool to “optimize” your connection. Run another speed test or two (or three). If there’s no improvement, use Dr. TCP to revert to your previous settings.

Of Interest: Get It While You Can – Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Typically when you buy a computer these days, you will see Microsoft Office Starter 2010 included in the deal. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 includes Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, with limited functionality and is ad supported. Recently, on the blogging circuit, I noticed that it was discovered that Microsoft Office Starter 2010 could in fact […]” Read more..

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