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DDG (And Your Online Privacy)

DDG (aka DuckDuckGo dot com) is a search engine which does not track you, store information about you, and then sell your profile. (What that means is, it is “anti-Big Brother”.)

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Those of you who are uneasy with Google (and.. that should be all of you, IMHO) and the “profile” they collect on our “online behavior” will want to take a look at DDG.
(If you aren’t concerned about your “online privacy”, or haven’t given it much thought, please click on the image above, and see a simple, illustrated explanation of why you might want to rethink.)

PC Magazine rated DDG a Top 100 website in 2011; and, here’s one review of DDG: Privacy-Protecting Search Engine Challenges Google

An ultra-private search engine hopes to attract users tired of handing over personal information.Read more..

.. because the idea of switching your browser’s home page, or moving away from the superpower named Google is a big one, here’s another: DuckDuckGo Search Engine Review

Could a simple search engine run by one guy actually deliver a better search experience than either Google or Bing? Well, for some searches at least, Gabe Weinberg’s search engine DuckDuckGo delivers both better search results and an easier-to-navigate presentation of those results than the big guys.Read more..

I don’t think DDG will suit everyone, all the time.. but you may want to be aware of it as an “alternative”.. Firefox and Chrome users can download DDG ‘extensions’.

Idjits in Washington: horrible things are going to happen to the Internet, don’t you know. Why? The ongoing battle against ‘piracy’, and Digital Rights Management.. in a word, Hollywood and their idjit pals (paid agents?) in Washington. Please read Dear Congress, It’s No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works.
(And yes. Once again it’s time to write your Congressperson.)

This just in: Ways to Sync Your SkyDrive Files To Your Computer, Tablet and Smartphone

I started to wonder what FREE options are there available to sync the files on my computer or tablet or smartphone with my SkyDrive Account.  As a result I went on the hunt and found the following options available that will help you take full advantage of SkyDrive..” Read more..

Today’s quote:One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things.” ~ John Burroughs

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