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A few items of interest..

* Google Launches Marketing Campaign on Security and Privacy

Google has launched a multi-million dollar ad blitz
promoting online privacy and security.

(Irony is alive and well…)

* Kaspersky Named Product of the Year

Independent security product tester
reports named Kasperksy the product of 2011.

* Review: Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Can’t install your full-scale antivirus because active
malware prevents it? The free and portable Comodo Cleaning
Essentials doesn’t need installation. It won’t sweep away
all the inactive malware traces, but it does a good job of
eliminating the processes that fight installation of
security software.

* PCMag Names the Best Antivirus Apps

Who’s the best of the best, and how’d we come up with it?

In case you missed it.. I am asking readers for their opinion:

Today’s quote:Man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid.” ~ William M. Kelly

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