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The Week’s Tidbits (and some Friday Fun)

Regular readers of this series have come to learn over time that I prefer Fridays over Mondays …

A few brief items of interest for you today (help get you through to Quittin’ Time).

Apple: made in China, untaxed profits kept offshore

About two-thirds of Apple’s $97.6 billion cash pile is off shore. That’s a lot of money for an American company to keep outside of America.Read more..

Major Symantec breach highlights risks of running old software

Symantec says it has fewer than 50,000 users of pcAnywhere, a remote-access program that has been around for decades. It now says, for safety’s sake, those users should pull the plug. Immediately.Read more..

The Internet and piracy are here to stay

Will killing media piracy destroy the Internet? Is it even possible to stop piracy?Read more..

{Finally! The right questions.}

Microsoft Says Ex-Antivirus Maker Ran Botnet

The Russian software engineer has been added to a federal complaint that claims the the defendant operated the Kelihos botnet taken down last September.Read more..

Study: BlackHole appears, Conficker remains

Eighty-five percent of all malware is web-based, and some 30,000 websites are newly infected with malicious code each day, according to Sophos’ “Security Threat Report 2012.Read more..

Alright. Enough of that depressing stuff. I need a grin…
Recently, rather inadvertently, I think, squirrels have been mentioned on this site.

No. Not some new tech gadget.
Squirrels. Like.. in the tree, squirrel?

A reader sent me this video of a different kind of ‘tech’, and a frustrated little guy..

“Squirrel baffle”.

Love that term.

What are the chances this strategy will pay off?

Um.. er.. 0.000001%?
(Yet, obviously, some *people* think it’s a good plan, and keep spamming me. CAN-SPAM Act or no..)

Today’s quote:A little learning is a dangerous thing, but a lot of ignorance is just as bad.” ~ Bob Edwards

Yawl have a great weekend, ya’ hear?

*     *     * Who thought up that name?

That’s almost as silly a word as “google”..

Microsoft Support Outage? Anyone else notice a problem with

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