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Super Bowl On – The Worst

Trying to watch the Super “live” on the Internet (at has been the worst video feed experience I have witnessed to date.

Wow, is it bad. So bad, I’ll go ahead and break policy and use the word “sucks”. Terrible!

I’ll tell you more about the “why” in a bit…

(And before you ask, on fiber, currently testing @ 12 Mbps .)

Note: If anyone else had a different experience with their feed, I’d like to hear it.

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SB 46 + SB 76 + Commercials

It is kind of fun to consider that I can write anything I please today.

Because I have no fear that anyone will see it…

After all, today is “Super Bowl Sunday”, and nobody reads tech blogs on SB Sunday.
En – Oh – body.

So I can write that I do not care one whit about today’s game, and will not be paying it any mind (I may ‘tune in’ to the commercials, though) and have no desire to see Madonna and Cirque du Soleil (who does in 2012?).
Though, it is mildly interesting to me that for the first time, we can watch the game on the Internet, live .. even on our phones.

I guess I will say that I guess I prefer that the Pats beat the Giants – the team that knocked off my Niners. But the Giants are favored, so… I’ll take the Pats and the points.

It has become a tradition here that I post a “Sunday Beauty” image, so I may as well do that.. for tradition’s sake:

Click on image to see more by this artist

“Paradise @ Mount Rainier National Park” by lawdawg1, courtesy of Flickr Commons.

And .. to help me while away the time until the Big Game starts (and help get me in the mood, maybe) how about I post some commercials from previous SB’s?

Have a great – safe – SBS everybody.

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