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Friday Fun

Earlier this week I posted a short advice piece for having a hopefully less frustrating experience the next time you have to call for some tech support (see, Spot Fake Facebook Profiles + More). Less than 24 hours later, life found a way to remind me why calling tech support is – in many people’s minds – a preview tour of aitch-ee-double-toothpicks.

Which, reminded me that The Oatmeal has a cartoon I have been meaning to post as some ‘Friday Fun”. See, Why I’d Rather Be Punched In The Testicles Than Call Customer Service

Almost titled “Why I’d Rather Share A Sleeping Bag With A Grizzly Bear Than Call Customer Service” See cartoon

Poke around the site while you’re there.. some funny stuff. (Look up the “Sex Ed” cartoon, for example..)

.. and for those of you who might have missed it, (I do have to be responsible.. one can’t be all fun, all the time) I have a reading reco: I have a bad feeling about this – raganwald’s posterous

*     *     *

I would like to meet the *people* responsible for this..

Thank you, all you who voted for CAN-SPAM. I feel better now there’s a Law.

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