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More On Windows 8

A short time ago, Microsoft made available for download the “Consumer Preview” (beta) version of Windows 8 (see, Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download + Lightning Deals And – Robot Cars). Those of you eager to see what the next Windows operating system has to offer may be interested in reading the following..

* Shortcuts and surprises in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

After a couple days of poking around in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on multiple PCs, I’ve found a few shortcuts and surprises. If you’re a Windows 8 power user, these five tips are for you.” Read more..


* Windows 8 Cheat Sheet

Windows 8 is on its way, here’s what you need to know about the most radical redesign since Windows 95Read more..

* Getting started with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

You’ve got questions about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Ed Bott’s got answers. Here’s what you need to know before you begin testing.Read more..

* Five reasons businesses should adopt Windows 8

Scott Lowe provides five reasons that businesses may want to give Windows 8 a shot when it comes out.Read more..

(I hope someone at Microsoft reads the comments on this one..)

*     *     *

My own experience with the earlier beta of Windows 8 (see, My First Day With Windows 8 (Part One)) left me flat. I won’t be downloading/installing this most recent beta. I should say, though, in fairness, that I have experienced no “odd glitches”, freezing/crashes, or ‘incompatibilities’ during my trials of Win 8. And there are a few improvements I like (such as the self repair) but I haven’t – yet – seen anything that will make me run out and buy a disc.. and I have seen a feature I find so annoying (the “Metro UI”) that I am pretty sure will have me sticking with Win 7 (for my desktop PC’s) for as long as possible. Maybe one day I’ll want to “sofa compute” on my big screen TV, and then Metro would suit me better…

But it is too soon to tell.

(Yes. I know you can disable Metro.)

*     *     *

 Bonus: Finally! Some truth in advertising!

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