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Fun Facts For Friday

Hey. Some alliteration there..

* New iPad owners get ready to feel the LTE data cap

The new iPad is going to expose millions of owners to the joy of 4G LTE monthly data caps.Read more..

* The 10 biggest tablets of Spring 2012

With 2012’s Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile Word Congress in the rear view mirror, this year’s tablet race is already in full force. Here’s what the first half of the year has to offer.View the Gallery

* How to hide files from the law

You encrypt your data to protect it from spying eyes, including the government’s. Can you be forced to decrypt it and thus incriminate yourself? A US appeals court says NO. This may drive the…” Read more..

* Pace University forensics expert on China and cybercrime (exclusive video)

Is China a threat when it comes to intellectual property theft and cybercrime? Forensics expert Dr. Darren Hayes says “yes” in this fascinating interview.” Watch the video

* The Metro hater’s guide to customizing Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Hate the Start screen and want to use Windows 8 Consumer Preview mostly with desktop apps? Try Ed Bott’s five-minute makeover.” Read more..

* Rogue AV Campaign Infects More Than 200,000 Web Pages

Websense has detected a massive infection campaign targeting users with rogue antivirus.” Read more..

(Don’t know what a “rogue antivirus” is? Better read: Your Computer Is Lying To You… The Epidemic Of Rogues

You Click On A Search Result, And A Screen Tells You An Infection Has Been Detected …Read more..)

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The weekend’s almost here! Some fun for your Friday..

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Today’s quote:Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

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As seen on the streets today: (My apologies for the language..)

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