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Free iPad

Catch your attention?

It seems that the (cyber) criminals have concluded that the two words most likely to get you to click on their links are “free” and “iPad”. The two combined must be a sure winner – “free iPad”.

And the likelihood is pretty good that those doing the clicking (and thinking they just won an iPad) will be chumps, suckers and rubes. Their favorite demographic.

I have received text messages, emails, and seen links/ads all using this ploy.

While it would be nice if someone, or some company,  decided to just hand me an iPad – no strings attached – that ain’t never going to happen. No how. There is an old adage I would like to remind people of: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I’ll go further: if you see it via the Internet, it definitely is too good to be true. Do not click.

Let’s be careful out there folks. Exercise a little, healthy, “paranoid common sense” when online. Don’t be a victim of cybercrime.

Something for nothing??? Hmmm… It could happen..

Are you kidding me???

Folks, I just updated Java on one of my machnes, and something now has my blood boiling. Sun/Oracle – two giant names in the tech industry – “We recommend installing the Ask toolbar” (and helpfully check the checkboxes to get that spyware installed.. [note: because you willfully install it, and they come from ‘legit companies’, the industry does not generally refer to browser toolbars as “spyware”. But that’s what they are, so I do. You should too.])

Folks, let me be perfectly clear: the Ask toolbar is the very last thing you want on your computer.

To the *good people* @ Sun/Oracle: This practice is vile and stinks. We all hate it. Shame on you.

Come on, guys — you’re better than this!

Recommend? Wow!

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