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Completely Off-topic #2

A Few Words For Those Of You Who Have Cares, Worries, and Concerns (Or Know Someone Who Does)

Some of you are facing some real challenges on this road we call Life. There is no doubt, we are in “hard economic times” and for many of us the future looks uncertain. Scary. Even bleak.

If this does not describe you – rejoice! For you have (for now) escaped a cruel pain!

If it does.. I am not sure what to say to you. I think my words will seem weak.. and meaningless. But I also feel compelled to say them anyway. Please don’t give up.

I hope you will not think I am being unsympathetic, but I ask you to look at your situation as a challenge, and I ask you to think about – how have you solved other challenges in your life? (You must have solved many – or you wouldn’t still be here.) And I remind you that sometimes to get those challenges resolved, we need to call in some help to get the job done. There’s no shame in that. You can (and should) ask for help if you think you might benefit from it.

For those interested, WebMD has practical tips and advice for coping with “stress” at their (appropriately named) Stress Management Health Center. Reading this advice will not – I don’t think – get you a new job/cure your illness/put money in the bank/perform miracles, all by itself, right away, by magic, but perhaps you can find some “self-help”, and good, useful information there. And help is good.

No matter the depth and strength of your ‘challenge(s)’ on this road we call Life, please do not sit down and stop walking it. OK? I ain’t going to tell you the Land Of True Happiness, Milk, And Honey is “just around the next bend”. How would I know if it’s there? You might have to go ’round six or seven bends.
Or ten. Or two.

But keep walking. Who knows who you will meet, or what you will find, or where it will take you?

.. sorry for the non-techy topic. I’ll get back to gizmos and gadgets tomorrow. Thanks for listening. (And no, this wasn’t spawned by anything I am going through personally. Not today, anyway. No need to write in.)

*     *     *

Today’s quote: The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”  ~ Mark Twain

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