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Work With Two Documents, Side-by-Side

Windows 7′s Snap feature lets you arrange your open windows side-by-side simply by dragging them to the edge of your screen. This greatly enhances the ease of working with multiple documents, and “increases your productivity”.

Today’s Tip shows the shortcut method for those who are using XP or Vista. This window arranging (or “stacking”) is called “tiling”.

First, hold down the Ctrl key. Then click on the tabs in your Taskbar for the windows you want to arrange and work with. (In this screenshot, I have ‘select’-ed Firefox and Word.)

Now right-click on a blank area of the Taskbar, and a context menu window will open.

XP: choose “Tile Vertically“.
Vista: choose “Show Windows Side by Side“.

That’s it. When you are done, and want to return to normal, right-click a blank part of the Taskbar and choose Undo. (Or, drag and resize manually with your cursor.)

*     *     *

Bonus Quick Tip: Press the Windows logo key and the “D” key, together, to quickly show your Desktop.

*     *     *

Today’s quote:Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~ Mark Twain

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  1. TechPaul,

    Super Tip that you provided. With today’s widescreen monitors, working on two docs “side-by-side” is very practical (and efficient). I am finding myself doing it more and more.



    Comment by Ramblinrick | April 3, 2012 | Reply

    • Sorry for the delay, Rick.

      Yes, there certainly are times when having two (or more) documents open and visible is the way to go. (I primarily do this when copy>pasting old material into a new document.) And this shortcut method is almost as good as the “Snap” feature for quickly arranging that.

      I appreciate the support, and keep up the great work on your What’s On My PC and bookmarks4tech sites!


      Comment by techpaul | April 5, 2012 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the tip, Paul. :)


    Comment by delenn13 | April 6, 2012 | Reply

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