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Here is the latest new information about Microsoft’s soon-to-be-released operating system, Windows 8.

* What exactly do you get with Windows 8 Pro?

Windows 8 will come in only two retail flavors. One is the base edition, with no fancy marketing label, nothing to say it’s a home or consumer edition. So what do you get with the Pro edition? The list of Pro-only features is short and to the point. No complex matrix required.” Read more..

* Microsoft’s Windows 8 consumer and Windows RT editions: What’s missing?

Microsoft officials have finally started to confirm specific features that will and won’t be included in the various Windows 8 editions that are due out later this year…

..This could simply mean, as some believe, that Windows XP and Vista users will have to do a complete install of Windows 8, and won’t be able to do a less-involved upgrade. But it could have broader implications, one Microsoft watcher said.” Read more..

Also.. a big, big trial is starting.. and a new Trojan targeting Apple Macs has been discovered. The world of tech –> always changing.

Oh, yes. For those of you not entirely delighted with Firefox 11, a new beta of 12 is now available!!!


Yes. Twelve.
(I don’t know. Maybe they drink too much coffee over there?)

You may as well try it, as soon, it appears, they will change your version whether you like it or not.

Firefox as scareware?

Hmmm.. could this be the end of my using Mozilla??? I’ve been onboard since version 1.2 … (I know a lot of you have bailed because of the constant update nag..)

Today’s How To Fix: Repair hyperlinks function in email

This article will tell you what to do if links you receive in emails no longer automatically open when clicked. Read more..

Today’s quotable quote:A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” ~ Saint Basil

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