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Secret #1

Secret #1: Not all viral videos are what they seem

There are tens of thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube each day (I’ve heard estimates between 10-65,000 videos per day). I don’t care how “viral” you think your video is; no one is going to find it and no one is going to watch it.

The members of my startup are hired guns – our clients give us videos and we make them go viral. Our rule of thumb is that if we don’t get a video 100,000 views, we don’t charge.Read more..

Yes, that’s right. You’re being manipulated.

“Secret” #2:
April is only half over, but this month, I have received unsolicited “cold” phone calls from:
* 3 payment process services (“use our service to process your client’s credit cards, and you’ll pocket 3¢ more than you are now!“)
* 2 People promising to get my biz site to the #1 position on Google and Bing. (But only if I act right now.)
* 5 “SEO“/”website makeover” companies. (“Do you have a website?”)
* many other sleezeballs, but this is just the “online” (Internet) people.

Why are these people so desperate for clients, they are resorting to cold calling (aka “spamming”)?

I have never done business with some stranger who calls me out of the clear blue sky, and I never will.

And, if I want to do that type of thing (“positioning), I will setup a meet with a Blackhat SEO type, and have them work up some automated “viral marketing” bots and spiders for me.
Because it seems that’s how we play the game these days.

Ah. The Internet. Riding that easy-money train.

Tell you what, it is a gorgeous day here. I have finally managed to ‘clear the decks’ of all the urgent tasks.. why don’t we have some “Friday Fun”?

Oops.. half the “popular” videos on YouTube are about the game Minecraft, or “trailers” for coming games. (Sigh.) Take a little longer to find one.. hold on..
Hmmm.. well..

*      *      *


I think I’m going to go offline.. and get outdoors for a while. The weekend’s almost here!


Today’s quote:Don’t confuse fame with success. Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other.” ~ Erma Bombeck

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