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Wednesday’s Food For Thought

I only have time today to share a few item I hope you will find of interest.

I have a list, and I go through it each afternoon. I find that the more I can check off a “Yes”, the better I feel:

  • did I make someone smile?
  • did I answer all my mail?
  • did I ride a bike, or take a walk?
  • did I learn something new?
  • did I do a “random act of kindness”?
  • did I tackle an unpleasant chore?
  • did I tidy up a mess?
  • did I receive any money?
  • did I “stop and smell the roses” and/or appreciate nature’s beauty?
  • did I do anything nice for ME?

(I am curious.. Do you have a list like that? Does it work for you?)

Some “Tech News” items..

* The slow and steady evolution of cross-platform malware

Malware isn’t just for Windows anymore. As the number of Macs rise, the economic incentive for criminals to build cross-platform attacks rises. And so do the stakes.Read more..

* Over 1.5 million Visa, MasterCard credit card numbers stolen?

U.S.-based credit card processor company Global Payments is about to announce more details about the security breach that recently saw millions of credit card numbers stolen. It doesn’t look good.Read more..

* HTC One X is the best HTC device I have ever used (review & gallery)

HTC is focusing on quality instead of quantity this year with the HTC One series their premier launch device line. The HTC One X is fantastic and I have never used a better HTC device.Read more..

* California thanks Facebook for 800% boost in organ donors

*     *     *

Blowing my own horn department: Loyal readers might like to know that I have added to my already busy schedule, and now am writing for Find The, as their “resident expert” in Desktop and Laptop/Notebook PC’s.

Find The Best is a relatively new concept: a “comparison engine” (on virtually any subject or item). | Unbiased, Data-Driven Comparisons.

FindTheBest is an objective comparison engine that allows you to find a topic, compare your options and select the best choice for you.”

*    *     *

Today’s quotable quote:The kindest word in all the world is the unkind word, unsaid.” ~ Unknown

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