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Darn it…


I have aphids on some of my rose bushes.


Normally, what I do is “mist” ’em with a dishsoap-in-water solution..

Normally, that has had a happy end result..

Yes. We have lady bugs.
But the ladies seem totally uninterested in the aphids.


~     ~     ~

Ah, well.

Such is life.

On the bight side, the tomato seedlings I planted are going gangbusters.

Now, How About Some Tech?

1) Yes, that computer in Berlin is still merrily spewing out spam comments as the owner is still unaware they are hacked (aka “pwned”). Today’s free download: Think it might be possible that you have been ‘botted’ (aka “pwned”) like that person in Berlin? One tool to help you find out is the free RUBotted from Trend Micro.. recently improved.

2) Read: Fraud attempts in social networks – This is how scam on Facebook works

Every year, there is more news about fraud attempts, identity theft, and hacker attacks on Facebook. Most attacks are based on scam, i.e. fraud that no anti-virus or anti-malware software is able to protect you from, as it is not always malicious software that is used. The authors rather rely on their victims’ naivety or greed. This is reason enough for us to explain the general proceedings, so you can avoid scam more efficiently and use Facebook in a more secure manner in the future. Read more..

Okay. Coupl’a good things there. Excuse me while I go charge up my hand phaser and figure out how to set it on “aphid”…

Today’s quote:A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.” ~ Arnold H. Glasow

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