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A Bargain For Some Games (and Music)

And A Word About “Flame”..

Folks, a helpful reader left a comment telling me about an “indie bundle” deal on (12) games and music you may want to be aware of. These types of deals let you set the price, and your contribution can help charity. [note: Steam is required for most of these..] I quote:

“Here is a Game sale and you give to charity. 5.99 for 12 games plus music…

Indie Gala V is LIVE ! – YouTube

“Gives fans of indie games and indie music a chance to save money on awesome games and albums and contribute to a good cause at the same time!

We believe that there is a close link between music, video games and comics.They are all forms of art that often complement each other. With our initiative we want to give many talented developers and artists the opportunity to have a wider audience.

IndieGala lets customers set their own price for high-quality indie games and music, then donate some or all of the proceeds to Able Gamers and Italian Red Cross for helping Emilia hit by earthquake.”

Web site: The Indie Gala

  • Making History: The Calm & the Storm (Steam key)
  • Beat Hazard (DRM free)
  • Razor 2: Hidden Skies (Steam)
  • Ironclads Collection includes all five games (Steam Key)
  • Space Empires 4 Deluxe (Steam)
  • Battle Mages (DRM free)
  • World Rally Championship Racing (DRM free)
  • Bad Rats: Rats Revenge (Steam)
  • Disciples II: Rise of the Elves (Steam)
  • Puzzle Kingdoms (Steam)
  • Ninja Blade (DRM free)
  • SBK: Superbike World Championship (DRM free)
  • With music tracks to be added later.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for sharing this with us!

Today’s reading reco: (I have been telling you,  for some years now, that {some of} the malware I encounter is military grade..)  Flame Malware: Cybergeddon or Old News?

Over the holiday weekend the online news networks were abuzz with news of a “massive cyber threat” variously called Flame, Flamer, or sKyWIper.” Read more..

(Irresponsible journalism creating hype [for ratings]??? Never happens. Learn the skinny. Click the link.)

(.. but, no. I have not seen Flame/Flamer/sKyWIper.. yet.)

Of possible interest: First time I have seen that.. $1 per Gigabyte.. on a solid-state (hard) drive. (Click here if you don’t believe me..)

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