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Microsoft to advertisers: Drop dead

I am going to have to take back some of my critiques of Windows 8…

Please note: the “Opt out” do-not-track-me (aka “Privacy”) is strictly voluntary by the website owner (case-by-case) and the website owner has absolutely no reason, and gains no benefit from ‘agreeing’.. in fact, they would be costing themselves. So.. do any of them actually pay any attention to your little plea?

I wouldn’t. I am not in business to cost myself money. And on this Internet thingy, learning all I can about you (and then selling that info) is what it’s all about. (That is, in fact, what they mean by “the Information Age”.. “information” about us.)
That, and showing you ads.

Here is an excellent read that just came out: Microsoft to advertisers: Drop dead

Opt in, or opt out? A difference in defaults has the advertising industry up in arms over Internet Explorer 10.Read more…

Anything that upsets the advertising industry, well, I am four-square all for that!!! Unfortunately in this case, the Privacy feature is meaningless. It’s too easy to ignore (aka “100% unenforceable”).

Much ado about nothing — sad to say. Remember: this (image below) is why they even let us (the public) on the ‘net.

Highly reco the read. Scroll back up and click, won’t you?

And just in case you’re wondering.. I don’t like fleas and ticks and tapeworms and leeches or vampire bats either. (see,
That’s why I use Firefox. The Add-ons I use allow me to block (most) ads and prevent (most) website tracking. ‘Cuz it’s real simple: I don’t want that *stuff* and I believe I have a right to certain basic privacies. I cannot print what I really wanna say. But, maybe, ads do not bother you… To me, they are a pollution that smells like city bus exhaust. To be polite.

I have to give a nod to Microsoft on this particular one (and also say, “about time!”)

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Unrelated: Post-PC era means mass extinction for personal computer OEMs

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(um.. there’s a reason we left the dumb terminal<>mainframe ‘architecture’..)

Today’s quote:I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

One last thot..: Despite being on the Do Not Call List since its inception, I still receive from 1 – 6 telemarketer calls a day. I cannot print what I wanna say about that, either… but that kinda smells like a city bus tailpipe too.
And there were 38 spam Comments left on this blog overnight…

Encore: I repeat, this is an excellent read: Microsoft to advertisers: Drop dead

(The Mad Men are in a tither..)

Have a great day, and the weekend’s almost here. Yay!

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