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No, I have not had too much to drink. Slooh is a website. A space camera website.

Starting at 2:30 (Pacific) today, you can watch multiple live feeds of the Venus transit on


The last transit of Venus in our lifetime – catch it live on Slooh from multiple feeds worldwide at t-minus zero – FREE to the public. Patrick Paolucci and Bob Berman will helm the 8 hour broadcast alongside many guests, including scientists, filmmakers, researchers, and astronomers..”

If you are at all interested in stars and nebulae and telescopes, etc. (aka “astronomy”) be sure to click the link and take a look at this interesting website (with a funny name):

My thanks to the alert reader who brought this to my attention (you know who you are).

Today’s free download: Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2.0 available!

The first portable dual-engine emergency cleaner worldwide

Fans of our free anti-malware solutions will be delighted: The most recent remodeled version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2.0 is the first portable free malware scanner with dual-scan engine. The emergency kit against virtual parasites of any kind can be launched directly from removable media devices such as USB sticks or a CD-ROM without being installed. (click here.)

Today’s reading reco’s:

* The boss is watching, look busy: Employers step up social media snooping

Employers are planning to routinely monitor what staff members say on social networks — but they risk finding out too much about their workers’ personal lives.Read more..

* Tips for navigating Windows 8 with your mouse

“Navigating Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard will definitely take some getting used to, but Greg Shultz gives you some hints to get you started.Read more..

* Enhance Your Online Search Experience with Yahoo Axis

Yahoo, in an effort to to get us out of the archaic method for which we perform searches and to improve its’ position in the world of search engines, recently developed and released a very cool iOS app and browser plugin called Yahoo! Axis. Yahoo! Axis, at this point, is available as a browser plugin […]” Read more..

And just because:

I get lots of important mail…

Today’s quote:Gratitude is the least of the virtues, but ingratitude is the worst of vices.” ~ Thomas Fuller

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  1. The Transit Of Venus This Evening…Astronomical Subjects Are One Of My Fav…

    After a cloudy day, (Canadian Sky’s) the sun is now bright in our sky …with only a few clouds hovering around.

    But “DARN”!… while I knew about this eclipse, I did not prepare for it… I forgot to get glasses to wear, to protect my eyes, while watching the eclipse…that “little black spot on the sun.”

    Oh well, the Internet/TV will have to do.


    Comment by Gaia | June 5, 2012 | Reply

    • Gaia,
      I do hope you got to see some images of the “spot” after all..


      Comment by techpaul | June 6, 2012 | Reply

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