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Five Years Old

What?! Another “On This Date In History”???

Exactly five years ago today, I posted the very first Tech – for Everyone. June 8, 2007.

And I have (by and large) posted some thing here every day since.

A few quick “stats”:

  • 1,772 Postings (with 2,164 “images”)
  • 9,208 Comments — almost exactly half of those are my Replies.
  • (also: 123,495 spam comments submitted by bots and *helpful people*)
  • Over 2,000,000 Visitors

I never had any intention (or inkling) that Tech – for Everyone would still be “alive and kicking” that long. My original intent was to post several answer pages — answers to those questions I kept hearing over and over (and over) .. with the idea that instead of constantly repeating myself, I could simply say, “here, read this.” (When people find out you are a Professional Help Geek, they ask you questions.)

Naturally, I think, my efforts here changed.. and “evolved”, somewhat, over the years. As has the tech. 2007 was the year we lost the war against the hackers. Back then there were no “netbooks” much less “tablets”; the iPhone had just been hatched; Microsoft introduced Vista, and “The Ribbon” replaced the Menu bar in Office.
.. They did not chant “cloud computing”, but “SaaS”.
.. Norton went from being one of the last things you wanted on your machine, to one of the first.
Just to name a few.

Yes. Things change.

Five years is a very long time to have done this.

I hope I have helped a few folks along the way.

Now for more of the usual:

It’s official: nobody can say one good thing about Windows 8 (except Deb Shinder). This article tells you all you need to know (IMHO) about Microsoft’s next operating system – due to arrive in the next coupl’a months: Final thoughts on Windows 8: A design disaster

Here is the (article’s) official ‘blurb’: “The biggest problem with Windows 8 is that it wasn’t born out of a need or demand. Its design failures, particularly with ‘Metro UI’ will likely be its downfall. Here’s why.”

.. and here’s the quote I like: “I’m now ready to sum up my Windows 8 experience with a single word: awful.”

So, I’ll say it again: I am planning on running a Windows 7 “environment” and will not be buying Windows 8. If you’re thinking of getting a new (Windows) Desktop or Laptop (aka “notebook”) my advice/opinion is buy now.. before Win8 gets here. (“Disaster” and “awful” are words fit to print. The words I hear on the street are not as nice..) Need more convincing? Read the comments thread, here.

In The News: Music site joins LinkedIn, eHarmony as victim of password theft

In the span of about 24 hours, three major websites have requested that their users change their passwords following apparent heists of millions of credentials.

Music website is the latest to fall prey. On Thursday, the U.K.-based company released a statement announcing it was looking into the matter.Read more..

Friday Fun: Just slide the bar AT THE BOTTOM to the left or right.. Be sure to go BOTH ways (all the way) on the sliding scale. A really good representation of where we fit in the scale of things…

*     *     *

Gonna share some honesty with you folks. Part of me says, five years of this volunteer work is long enough.

Today’s quote:How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ~ Anne Frank

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