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Gotta Love That Facebook

Facebook Rejects User Input on New Privacy Policy

The company will move forward and adopt the proposed updates, despite the fact that fact just 13 percent of the users who voted supported the changes..

LulzSec Reborn Leaks 10,000 Twitter Accounts

LulzSec Reborn, the so-called redux of disbanded hacker group LulzSec, leaked¹ around 10,000 Twitter usernames and passwords of members who used TweetGif, an animated Gif-sharing application.

(Here’s a good place to reiterate: if you aren’t absolutely certain you need it? Don’t install it. [the TweetGIF app???] That is the main reason why your machine isn’t as speedy as it was when it was new — all the programs and services you’ve installed. [Not to mention each program and app is a potential “attack vector” for the hacker.])

How to Make Strong Passwords Stronger

If your password is a common word or phrase, the bad guys won’t have any trouble guessing it.

Departing Employees Grab Passwords, Customer Databases, Survey Shows

Global information security company Cyber-Ark shows what kind of damage a business can suffer by failing to control privileged accounts.

Bad Review? What Not To Do

The response to a bad review can reveal a lot about a vendor. Recent responses at opposite extremes inspired Neil Rubenking to write this post.

Dissecting LinkedIn’s Response to the Password Breach

Why didn’t LinkedIn inform two Security Watch writers that their passwords had been compromised in last week’s massive hack?

And yippee yahoo:

‘State-sponsored attackers’ using IE zero-day to hijack GMail accounts

Microsoft’s advisory speaks of “active attacks” and follows a separate note from Google that references the IE flaw “being actively exploited in the wild for targeted attacks.Read more.. (note: this is not patched by yesterday’s Updates.)

Microsoft’s Skype for Windows: Now with ‘conversation ads’

There’s a way to opt out of at least some of the location, gender and age-based ad-targeting that is coming tot those using for free Microsoft’s Skype for Windows.Read more..

Yay! They’ve found a way to force-feed us EVEN MORE targeted advertisements!!!

While on a 1:1 audio call, users will see content that could spark additional topics of conversation that are relevant to Skype users and highlight unique and local brand experiences. So, you should think of Conversation Ads as a way for Skype to generate fun interactivity between your circle of friends and family and the brands you care about.

OMG. Really? That’s how I “should think”? Can’t print what I would do/say to the person who wrote that…

I’ll say it again: I have never signed up for Facebook, or Twit-ter, and IMHO I haven’t missed out on anything. (My time is too valuable.) Yet, I know both of these websites/services are extremely popular, so all I can do is ask you folks to be aware of the security and privacy issues, and take the time to go in and lock down the settings (do not “share” your stuff with “everyone”, for example). Use a unique password for these accounts, as they are routinely frequently ‘hacked’ (stolen). To help you with that.. Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know

Today’s quote:The wonderful world of home appliances now makes it possible to cook indoors with charcoal and outdoors with gas.” ~ Bill Vaughan

Here’s a thought: while I very much appreciate your stopping by here today, I’d like to suggest something.. the other day I read that we are spending more than 8 hours a day online. That’s nutso-cuckoo-bonkers. Maybe .. we should get outside today? I’m going to.

I don’t know.. maybe, get out of the chair and.. dance? (A fun “blast from the past” 4 u..)

.. the only Techno I ever actually enjoyed. Circa 1990 (aka “Ancient History”, aka “pre-Internet”).

¹ “Leaked”, in Geekspeak is “stole and then publicly posted” in actual English. Like.. the data “leaked out” of its secure nesting place… like a water drip from an old, rusty pipe. It’s theft. Make no mistake.

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