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Not One Thing

Looking over all the top tech stories making the rounds this week, and perusing all the tech websites, and scanning all my InfoSec resources, in hopes of coming up with a topic for conversation today, I came to a decision.

I can sum it up as follows:
1) I cannot believe the foofarrah over Microsoft’s “Slate”/Windows 8/Windows Phone. I understand people are getting paid to write, so they have to write some thing.. any thing. But, I guess I am tired of the thinly disguised advertising/hype/FUD/troll baiting. (It’s all I’ve seen for a decade now.)

None of these things are even available yet. And in a world filled with 663,792 tech devices already, I’m supposed to get excited over 3 more?

Here’s the bottom line (as I see it): as a Desktop and Laptop user – none of which have “touchscreens” – I do not want Windows 8. Period. When my contract expires on my cellular plan, I will look at the available smartphones, and I will consider a Windows Phone, and all other alternatives too. Until that date, I will be happy with my 4G HTC ‘droid (which was the winner of raves just 10 months ago).

Trust Me

2) I am NOT going to sell you “cloud computing”, or “online backup”. Cloud computing is not the direction to head in. It is the direction that profiteers see as currently profitable, and the non-techie bean-counters as “cost saving”. This means my repair business is probably fated. “Cloud computing” is the future. Never mind the consequences! Profit while you can!

Dear Reader, where you can avoid the cloud, do so. (For example, buy an external hard dive, and make your backups there. Learn about VPN’s and set up your own syncing.. do not pass your info to Bozo.)

3) Security and Privacy is not really getting any better. It’s getting worse. The “whitehats” have been getting, and are getting, their arses handed to them by the “blackhats”. None of our “data” is “secure”. No current plans to fix it have any chance. DNSSec and Identity Tokens are bandaids, not cures (a good/great bandaid is still a bandaid). But guess what? It’s worse than you think. Governments are waging war – undeclared and covertly – and using our devices to do it (think on that a bit). Your device was manufactured in the factory of a (potential) enemy.. do you know if there’s some hidden code on it? Did you not read about the “infected digital picture frames”?
The very nature ([mostly] free and [mostly] open) of the Internet is under threat of censorship and government bureaucratic control. Even the UN is getting involved. I like everything bureaucrats do, don’t you? (Been to the DMV lately?)

4) It seems pretty clear to me that species human learned not a single simple thing from the “dot com bubble bursts”.. the first time, or even the second time. As long as a penny or two can be earned without digging a ditch, or actually producing anything — full speed ahead! (I am beginning to lose respect for “IT types” and gain respect for welders/construction workers/farmers/assemblers..)
All IT types seem to want is to show me animated banner ads, (after snooping into my activities) and laugh about how easy their job is. (That ain’t working, that’s the way you do it, you play your gittar on your MTV..) Yeah. It may be unfair of me to say that. Some IT types are aces. Real good people. Working longer hours than many. So please take no offense, if you’re one of those.

So my conclusion is that I am not going to write about any topic today. I am going to take the day off. I would like to go somewhere where there are no people, and no TV, and no Internet. Perhaps.. here.

For all 6 of you who read down this far, you have my apologies for having wasted your time. As a small token of my appreciation, I will mention a new “app”, named “Cue”, that I think people should be aware of. See (It is not just for iPhones).

And, here’s a good read: You’ll Hate Windows 8 (Hey! That rhymes!)

You aren’t ready for Windows 8. It’s coming anyway, a slow-moving freight train of massive change and dread, an enormous update that will sow turmoil in the lives of millions of people around the world.

And, I will say to you, live long and prosper.

Today’s quote:For a gallant spirit there can never be defeat.” ~ Wallis Simpson

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