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A Perfect Storm…

Folks, something a bit different today. Completely off-topic.

I have had a “perfect storm” of strange little.. um, er, well, I like to call them “eerie coincidences”. Maybe you might know what I mean. (Sometimes, they make your little hairs stand up?) Anywho.. this series of separate occurrences made me decide to revisit a subject I have talked about before, but do so in a way that one, or possibly two, of you out there might appreciate.

One of the eerie-weird occurrences was, I happened to – by pure chance – overhear the tail end of a song I haven’t heard in ages and ages… and ages (from a music genre I don’t listen to, as a rule.)

And.. should this bring up a “sensitive subject” for you.. I found an old “coping with loss” Q & A article on WebMD that you may find practical and helpful, here.

But since it is a sunny Saturday, the beginning of a long holiday weekend for many, and a good day to Be Happy!, maybe you want to skip it… sorry.

But sometimes I trust a hunch.

(And to that one person [or, possibly two] – if you’re out there – I’d like to say, please stand up. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. It does get better. It really does.)

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