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More Friday Fun For Your Saturday

Folks, the sun is out, and it is the weekend (yay!) … I hope you will enjoy these tidbits:

Some “lighter” tech learning..:

* Free Software: Where and How Do You Get It?

What’s the scoop on free software?–Why is it free? Where and how do you get it? Is it safe for my computer? The answer to these questions will make you more knowledgeable about free software, and hopefully, more comfortable using it.Read more…

* The Android Toolkit: 5 essential apps

Here’s a review of five essential apps that belong in your Android device toolkit.Read more..

* An Advanced Desktop Clock for Windows 7 / Vista

Here is a nice looking desktop clock for your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer..Read more…

Today’s fun video: (A fishing getaway is on my mind.)

Today’s software giveaway: (Thank you for the ‘heads up’, Dear Reader!)

Heads up! FREE! AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition V5.1 PC Software with a 100% off Discount Coupon Code – The Ultimate Hard Drive Partition Management Solution

The Ultimate Hard Drive Partition Management Solution

When it comes to managing your hard drive partitions, you can’t afford to mess around. Just one mistake and you could be facing catastrophic data loss, or at least some significant downtime while you work to repair what went wrong. That’s why today’s discount software promotion, AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro, is so valuable – it gives you everything you need to manage your disk partitions in one fantastic package

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Today’s quotable quote:The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Observation: I see that the wizkids at Mozilla are still drinking wwaaaaayyyy too much Red Bull. The beta for Firefox 14 is now available.

Dudes! Chill out! Before you lose all your users. 11 major revisions in a year? Do you know why I use your product — NoScript, AdBlock Plus, TMN, Flashblock. So stop breaking those, please. (And don’t become a *pawn* of Google.) Just saying.

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I hope you all enjoy your weekend and that there is some sunshine where you are.

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