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What Do You Know. The World Didn’t End.

Once again, fear of “losing the Internet” spread far and wide – thanks to half-truths spread via the usual suspects – email “forwards”, a misinformed media, etc. – but surprise, surprise! You still had your Internet this morning, didn’t you?

If you did lose your Internet hookup, because you were infected with DNSchanger, I have to scold you (or your IT Department) a bit. Rule #1 is: if it connects to the Internet, it needs an up-to-date antivirus (yes, Macs too). And I will suggest that you subscribe to a website like this one, and stay informed.

In other tech news, it seems that Microsoft is aware that word on the street is avoid Windows 8, so they have changed their pricing structure, and “upgrades” to Win 8 are going to be dirt cheap. (For the 411, click here.)

It’s a nice try but I still don’t want it. Unless you’re using a touchscreen device, like a tablet or smartphone, you probably don’t either. For more on that, see: You’ll Hate Windows 8 (Hey! That rhymes!)

You aren’t ready for Windows 8. It’s coming anyway, a slow-moving freight train of massive change and dread, an enormous update that will sow turmoil in the lives of millions of people around the world.Read more..

(I only know of one tech writer who has good things to say about Windows 8. The rest use words like “disaster”. Quote: “aggravate you to no end“? Um.. that’s polite language. Ha!)

Now, Microsoft, kudos to you for waking up (way too late) to reality. But I dare you, prove me wrong: offer Win 7 Pro upgrades for $40, why don’t you???
(Win 7 is the best, and best selling Microsoft OS.. so I won’t be holding my breath..)

Loyal readers know I have nothing at all nice to say about social networking, and that I have never signed up for Facebook. If their recent move to make your email public..

Today, Facebook was kind enough to replace the e-mail account listed on your profile with the e-mail address it provided you with awhile back. Wait, you didn’t give Facebook permission to make the change? No one did. Not cool, Facebook.Read more..

.. and ..

Welcome to the soon-to-be enormous world of Facebook email spam

“Thanks, Facebook. You just [expletive deleted] us up the [expletive deleted]. [Expletive deleted] you!Read more…

..wasn’t enough to get you to quit using “social networking” … well, maybe this fresh-pressed article can help: 10 reasons why I avoid social networking services

Social networking has had a huge impact on how we communicate and interact — but some people refuse to get caught up in the trend. Alan Norton explains why he’s one of them.Read more..

Further – are you (or a spouse/family member) currently serving in the armed forces? If so, please read this article on OpSec (and Facebook), 6 Surprise OPSEC Don’ts

As a military blogger, almost every site I visit has something along the lines of the saying, “Loose Lips, Sink Ships,” paired with some jolly looking seamen carrying his pack.  But also every day I see things on these same sites and pages that make me cringe.Read more..

Yes. It makes me cringe too..

I am going to stop here, even though there are more tech headlines to dissect. (For example, they say the trend of slashing IT budgets+jobs has slowed to zero, and that it may be a good field to stay in. And changes coming to Google.) But frankly, it is too depressing and tedious a task for a fine summer Monday such as today.

So I’ll just leave you with these thoughts:

  • I have never regretted not Facebook-ing, but many times have been glad I don’t.
  • it won’t hurt you to believe nothing you see/read on the Internet (but the opposite can); and
  • exercise some healthy paranoid common sense when online. There really is no such thing as a free lunch. Even if someone says all you have to do is “torrent it” (sometimes called “downloading”).

Today’s quote:A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.” ~ Truman Capote

Frankly Scarlett, I Don’t Give A Damn Department:

No doubt, social media is changing–it’s rushing into its most visual stage. If you aren’t prepared for the visual content revolution, you may be left in the dust.

That’s why we compiled this list of 55 brands killing it with visual content on the top four visually-driven social networks. Use this ebook, 55 Brands Rocking Social Media, for inspiration to launch your visual content strategy.

(“visual content” = “advertising” = “the worst kind of pollution”.)

Idjits running the world…

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