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A $10 Video Camera?

(Also: Do You Own A Linksys? You Better Read This..)

First up:

Glancing through my prep material, I noticed a sale where you can get a basic (standard def) “camcorder” (tiny little thing) for $10. From Sylvania, even.

Yes.. ten dollars. Don’t believe me? Click here.

We truly do live in a dixie cup world now (aka “everything’s disposable”).

Next: Is your home router a Linksys? You definitely should read this. (I am beginning to think anyone using tech should read stories like these..)

Cisco shows true face in ugly bait and switch Can a network security vendor that betrays its customers ever be trusted again?

You may have heard about Cisco’s shenanigans last week, in which an automatic firmware update for several models of the company’s Linksys home wireless routers forced users to create and log into a Cisco cloud service account to manage their router. In addition, some previously available functionality disappeared in the update. I cannot fathom how a company whose reputation is built on its tech savvy could concoct such a disaster of a scheme. And it gets worse.Read more..

(The answer to the question is “no”, btw. Scandalous! Fortunately, none of my Wireless N 300 Gear is a Cisco product, or I’d be heading to the store [or disabling “check for updates”… if poss.].)

Folks, read that article.

“The devil you don’t know
Prior to the past decade or so, the idea of a manufacturer purposefully breaking a product after purchase in order to spy on you and profit from that information was so outlandish, there was no need for concern. We’re now living in a world where it could easily be done clandestinely.”

Love to see a lawsuit over this one. Unbelievable. Truly outrageous. I’m glad I don’t work for Cisco, cuz I’d have to quit.

I gotta run. Y’all have a great day now, ya’ hear?

* Again, Linksys owners: If you don’t wanna buy new gear (though it could be considered a great excuse to upgrade to Wireless N) read the article and look for links to the DD-WRT how to’s.

Another great read: 10 worst tech screwups of 2012 (so far)

Amid a sea of flops, flubs, and faceplants, Cringely picks the 10 biggest tech blunders we’ve seen in the first half of the year.” Read more..

(As I said, highly reco reading all of that.)(Cisco’s act was too recent to make the list, I think..)

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