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Reevaluations (aka Friday Fun)

I only have time for posting a very quick post today.

First up, a “image” to ponder…

Click on image to see more by this artist

“The old tree fort” by EgnaroorangE, courtesy of Flickr Commons.

And then I will tell you why I posted that as today’s “Friday Fun”. I want to do a quick.. let’s call it a “reader survey”. (Please click all that apply.)



TGIF. And thanks for playing!

update: I found a bit more time, so.. how about some tech?

* Windows 8 in the Enterprise: Why IT pros say no

Gina Smith surveyed enterprise tech pros about their intentions regarding Windows 8. The reaction was less than enthusiastic.” Read more..

* Flashback infects 10% of Macs, Android malware up 300%

A new Q2 2012 report finds that the Flashback Trojan infected 10 percent of home networks with Mac computers during the month of April while Android malware numbers quadrupled during the quarter.” Read more..

Today’s quote:Don’t follow a trend. Follow your heart.” ~ Krist Novoselic

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