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Star Trek’s Best Captain (Debate Settled)

I believe it is Cosmic Law (or perhaps it’s genetic) that to be a real, honest-to-goodness Techno-Geek, you have to also be a Star Trek fan.

I do not, however, believe that attending Trekkie conventions is considered mandatory. I think doing so merely earns you Merit badges.
(I could be wrong about that.. It might indeed be mandatory.. But, I have never been to one.)

I further believe that you cannot be a real, honest-to-goodness Star Trek fan unless you have given serious consideration to which of the Star Trek series is the best of the bunch.

For some, age may be a factor in determining this vital decision. I say this because I am old enough to remember the days when there was only one Star Trek (which is now known as the “original Star Trek“). It was my “first exposure”. For me, all the other Star Trek‘s were “sequels”. Follow-ons. Pretenders to the throne. (think Weekend At Bernie’s 3.)

When a new Star Trek came out, the natural question was, could it measure up? Could it be as good as the “original”??? Translated into English, this meant (essentially) how did the captain compare to Captain Kirk?
(And.. could it even be named Star Trek without Spock in it?! )

Because James Tiberius Kirk (“Jim” to his friends) was The Man.

(Now, you guys and gals don’t have to write me letters about what I say next, I am simply writing a personal opinion here. One fella’s point of view. No big deal. Really!)

I also believe that Weird Al got it right in his White And Nerdy. For most of us Geeks (um.. oops.. I meant “Star Trek fans”) the only series worthy of being a contender for “better than the original” was Next Generation, and that is only because it had the one captain who gives Kirk a real run for his money: Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Q: Who’s the better captain – Kirk or Picard?
A: Captain Archer.

I bet I caught a few of you by surprise there.

And, you don’t have to write to tell me that Enterprise was canceled after only 4 seasons. Or that Scott Bakula’s Captain Archer ranks lowest of all the Captains in most opinion polls. Or that most people would rather have Will Riker as their Captain.. I know that. I myself gave up and stopped watching Enterprise before the first season even ended. But, just humor me a moment.

I just finished – thanks to steadfast determination, and dedication – watching my annual Summer Movie Marathon, which this year meant watching all 97 Star Trek Enterprise episodes on Netflix. I decided to give the series a second chance. And I am glad I did. Because I did not like it so much the first go around, and now I do. (Particularly: Commander Shran and Dr. Flox.)

Here’s why I put Archer as my answer to the Captains Debate: of all the Captains, he is the one most like me. (Personality wise.)

But I do not deny that the true, universal, answer is Captain Kirk. Because he is the Captain I most want to be like. (When I grow I up.)

… him, or James Bond.
(Sean Connery.)
(Of course.)

Have a great Wednesday everybody!

(Ha! I should have known. The very first “vote” was for Picard!)

Today’s quote:The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left.” ~ Jerry M. Wright

Real Geeks Star Trek fans: Also on Netflix is a short film by William Shatner titled The Captains. He goes around and interviews the actors who played Captain of a starship in the Star Trek sci-fi series.

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