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Defective Products

After yet another bout troubleshooting a HP printer (thank you for all the work you’ve sent me, HP!), I found it delightfully appropriate that these two articles were published today..

Consumer-friendly products suck and post-PC is a fantasy

While consumers are ready for post-PC, and while vendors are kinda-sorta offering solutions they say are suitable for average consumers, the system is still very flawed.Read more..

And this guy’s #1 says it all.. 10 things I’ve learned from working in IT

When you’ve been in IT for awhile, you pick up all sorts of random knowledge. Jack Wallen shares a few highlights from almost 20 years in the field.Read more..

(And, yes, this is a good read for non-Geeks, too.)

*     *     *

As you know, I was “offline” for a few days. As you can imagine, when I returned I found my Inbox rather .. um, full-er than usual. I had personal and private messages …

and my *favorite* business/website wrote me..

Maybe this is blank because I have never signed up for Facebook?

as well as some other business opportunities …

but better yet, strangers were declaring how much they admire me (and my ego is never bothered by a boost) …

Yes.. it seems I missed out on a lot by not being here to instantly respond to incoming email.. alas and alak.

But, a quick glance tells me I have already received some more interesting mail. So I have to run now, and get to Reply-ing. (Don’t want to miss out on any more opportunities!)

Today’s quote:Every one should keep a mental wastepaper basket and the older he grows the more things he will consign to it – torn up to irrecoverable tatters.” ~ Samuel Butler

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