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Canadian Drug Shortage Explained

I think I have figured out why Canada must be having a medical crisis – due to a shortage of drugs..

The pharmacists are taking the drugs and then selling them out the back door, over the Internet..

I guess.

My  understanding is that this has been going for some time now.. If they keep this up, Canada will surely run out.

Those all came in last night. The spambots are busy, as usual!

Did you know? Some experts say that as much as 90% of all the “traffic” on the Internet, at any given moment, is spam email being sent. Been true for over a decade, now. Isn’t that fantastic! I wonder how much electricity that is wasting. I wonder how much longer the problem will be ignored. I wonder how the spammers can sleep at night/live with themselves.

But mostly I wonder at anyone who could respond to an email like this so they could get their little blue pill cheaper. (Or, think the IRS emailed them..)

Did you know?  Most spam (junk email) comes from our machines – not some bad guy’s computer in some foreign country. Yes. Our machines, that have been infected with malware because we let our antivirus expire, and cannot be bothered by that Java update thingy. (And giving our old, Windows ME units to our kids/Dear Sweet Aunt Nellie..)

• Do not open emails from strangers (and no, you did not just win the Online Lottery)!

• If it connects to the Internet, it needs an up-to-date antivirus!

• Just say YES to updates (and visit the Secunia scanner) and keep all your installed software up-to-date!

• Exercise healthy paranoid common sense online (because they are out to get you)!

• The only reason you were allowed on the Internet is so that “they” can show you advertisements (for crap you don’t need)!

If you want to know whether – it just may be – that your machine has had a spambot virus put onboard by some drive-by download, visit Trend Micro’s Housecall and run the scanner.

.. crazy world ..
Well.. I guess that is the most fun you can have for 67¢ these days…………………..

Today’s quote:Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts.” ~ Charles Dickens

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