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A Dangerous Time

It may be universal, and not just me.

But, I think, there comes a point in life where we have already done everything “for the first time” — and nothing is new anymore.

A certain.. staleness and tedium can set in. The feeling of being in a “rut”.

That, I also think, can be a dangerous time (or.. “feeling”, if you prefer).

I remember the excitement of many of my ‘first times’..
Those moments can never be repeated.

And I am not getting any younger.


Oh, well! C’est la vie. It is too nice a day here to fruitlessly worry about that which I cannot change.

It’s a great day to do something.. different. And break out of my rut a little bit.

Maybe try a new food?
Yeah. Maybe that’s what the doctor ordered.

I have never had Thai.

Maybe today is the day that changes?

I should go down to the shelter, and rescue a dog.

Today’s quote:Life’s problems wouldn’t be called “hurdles” if there wasn’t a way to get over them.” ~ Unknown

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August 18, 2012 Posted by | advice | 2 Comments