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QuickBooks Users Be Warned

I saw a new (to me) phishing scam targeting Quickbooks users. It says it is about an “important” update, but guess what?

Important QuickBooks Update

“Intuit Payroll Services” (who knows who that really is) is trying to scam you.

And probably trying to get you to click so a virus can load onto your machine.

I’ll say it again: you simply have to use paranoid common sense when on the Internet — because they are trying to get you. Every day and in every way. Be wary!

2012 is almost over. Computers have been in the home for 30 years. You should know the proper way to update your programs by now — and ABSOLUTELY it ain’t going to be because someone sent you an email.

Further: Only idjits and scammers use an (urgent) exclamation point in emails. Seeing one should be a big “red flag” to you.

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