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Security Warning: Disable Java Now

Security Warning: Disable Java Now

Researchers report a new zero-day vulnerability in Java that’s serious enough we should all just disable Java for now–here’s how.Read more..

Many now think that the “military grade” level that malware (aka “virus”) has now reached, has rendered our defenses useless. I am not sure that’s exactly true.. but maybe it will be by next week. Here is a very good read by one of the best writers on the subject: Is the death knell sounding for traditional antivirus?

Antivirus developers need to run malcode in their labs in order to create malware-identifying signatures. What happens if they can’t?Read more..

But I guess all the news is not dire..  friend and fellow blogger Rick Robinette has one today that I know you’re going to want to see: A Huge List of FREE Computer Security Products and Services

One of my favorite tech sites is Gizmo’s – The Best Freeware…  Today, during a visit I came across a huge list of FREE computer security products and services that is maintained on their site. The list is not a list of specific recommendations, but is a “comprehensive documentation of the security products available”… I […] Read more..

But I have to be honest here folks; every week I learn more that has me seriously evaluating “going off the grid”. I have been ‘joking’ for years – if you knew what I knew about the Internet, you wouldn’t use it” – and each day that ‘joke’ gets unfunnier.

Go ahead. Read, and see why.

Important: Don’t let the UN steal the Internet

If the UN seizes control of the Internet, they’ll take the Internet from the voices of freedom and give it to nations who’d prefer to either kill it or refashion it into another tool of state control.” Read more..

Today’s quote:A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.” ~ Bill Cosby

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