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Hackers Post One Million Account Details

More Good News.

Website ‘Hellfire’: Hackers release 1m accounts

“Hacktivist group GhostShell claims to have released one million account details from websites, in a project under the alias “Hellfire”.

The hacktivists, working with groups MidasBank and OphiusLab, posted online on Saturday what appears to be accounts and records gleaned from banks, government agencies, consulting firms, law enforcement and the CIA.” Read more

Today’s Geekspeak Translation: “Hacktivist” = Hacktivism is the act of hacking, or breaking into a computer system, for a politically or socially motivated purpose. (doing evil for what they think/believe is “good cause”.)(And I guess “gleaned” is the new “stolen”.)

Yippee yahoo.

Government agencies.
Law enforcement.
And the CIA.

You’d like to think those guys have top-notch computer security.. wouldn’t you?

I mean.. like, bulletproof security.


Rather Important: Don’t let the UN steal the Internet

If the UN seizes control of the Internet, they’ll take the Internet from the voices of freedom and give it to nations who’d prefer to either kill it or refashion it into another tool of state control.” Read more..

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