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Your invoice is ready

Barnum’s Law states…

Your Fedex invoice is ready

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” (And, “sucker” was polite language.. not the word you or I might actually use.) Do I still need say it? Such emails are scams? You’d have to be a Class A ‘sucker’ to even open this?
Well, seems I do.

And also this week I got three calls from folks who had their email accounts hijacked. They wanted me to tell them how to “fix it”. They did not want a lecture on passwords, but got one anyway.

Because that was how they got their email accounts hijacked in the first place: easily guessed passwords and password reset questions. Kinda hard to believe that 20 years of user education about passwords fell on deaf ears, but there you go. Human nature is what it is.

When was the last time you changed your passwords?

Are your passwords hard to guess (aka “complex”)? How about your reset questions?

… some of you may want me to tell you how to fix a “hacked” or “hijacked” email account too. I’ll tell you the same: Google it. (Also hard to believe people don’t know to “google it” in 2012. But, there you go.)

HCG drops?

Today’s quote:To be stupid and selfish and to have good health are the three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, the others are useless.” ~ Gustave Flaubert

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