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Hit The The Nail On The The Head

(aka “More From The I.R.S.”)

Maybe dyslexics should not write their own spam…

tax tax bank bank???

.. And, mom? Even if $6,795 a month would really, really, really help out? The last thing you want to do is respond to unsolicited email such as these. They’re scams, don’t you know?

Breaking news:The Samsung S IV will be here in February.

And I just saw a full-page ad for the brand-spanking new S III in yesterday’s S.F. Chronicle. (I liked it, actually. It compared, feature-to-feature, it and the new iPhone 5, and made my point about the Apple “reality distortion field” for me quite nicely.)

I guess Apple better start hyping the iPhone 6… (whether they actually have one in the works or not.)

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