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Tech Tidbits for your Thursday

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

ie iconWhat you gain and lose with Office 2013 subscriptions

Can Microsoft convince you that renting Office is better than buying? They’re using a classic carrot-and-stick approach to get you to switch. Sticking with “traditional” software will cost you dearly.” Read more..

Internet Explorer Zero-Day Flaw Exploited by Same Java Gang

Attackers are exploiting a new security vulnerability in Internet Explorer and security experts are recommending users stop using IE until the flaw is patched.” Read more..

A nail in the HTML5 coffin?

What can an enterprise IT leader do when a social media titan publicly shuns the very tool that was supposed to make cross-platform mobile development possible? Patrick Gray explains.Read more..

I came across this article last night in some general Internet wandering. You can easily dismiss the concept. Everyone loves Apple! Apple stock just hit an all time high of over $700. They took orders for more than two million iPhone 5s. Apple disintegrate like RIM? Ha! Never happen right? But take a chance, stretch your mind, and read more by the Motley Fool at DailyFinance: Is iPhone the Next BlackBerry?

Is it Friday yet?

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