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This article is a rather important read.. for those who still believe we should have some modicum of personal privacy..

Why Do Not Track is worse than a miserable failure

As a consumer, you’d think that the meaning of “Do Not Track” is pretty clear. But the big data-collecting companies that are behind this standard seem intent on making sure it does nothing at all.” Read more..

.. and you should know, there are far more “big data-collecting companies” than you might care to believe. (Not to mention governments..)

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Breaking news: Microsoft Issues Temporary Patch For IE Zero-Day Threat; Permanent Patch Scheduled For Friday

Microsoft has issued a temporary “fix-it” for its Internet Explorer vulnerability while a more permanent patch is expected to be released on Friday. Customers are urged to visit the Microsoft Security Response Center blog for additional details on the temporary fix.

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I am having one of my busier weeks, and have to run. But I’ll take the time to post a quick video that I hope will make a smile. ‘Cuz it’s Friday, you know!

Hmmm… I may have made a booboo..

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