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This article is a rather important read.. for those who still believe we should have some modicum of personal privacy..

Why Do Not Track is worse than a miserable failure

As a consumer, you’d think that the meaning of “Do Not Track” is pretty clear. But the big data-collecting companies that are behind this standard seem intent on making sure it does nothing at all.” Read more..

.. and you should know, there are far more “big data-collecting companies” than you might care to believe. (Not to mention governments..)

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Breaking news: Microsoft Issues Temporary Patch For IE Zero-Day Threat; Permanent Patch Scheduled For Friday

Microsoft has issued a temporary “fix-it” for its Internet Explorer vulnerability while a more permanent patch is expected to be released on Friday. Customers are urged to visit the Microsoft Security Response Center blog for additional details on the temporary fix.

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I am having one of my busier weeks, and have to run. But I’ll take the time to post a quick video that I hope will make a smile. ‘Cuz it’s Friday, you know!

Hmmm… I may have made a booboo..

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September 21, 2012 - Posted by | Internet


  1. Naw. Here is worth a giggle or maybe just a smile….

    What to do if you didn’t buy an iPhone 5 | ZDNet

    If you aren’t getting a shiny new iPhone 5 today don’t fret. Your existing smartphone is still as useful today as it was yesterday. To take your mind off the fact you’re not getting a new iPhone, here are some simple activities that will bring you closer to the smartphone in your pocket.”

    Or better yet, you could set up shop on an off ramp of some highway and sell iPhone 5 users maps…

    Hmm it was just something I heard on the information highway… :)


    Comment by delenn13 | September 21, 2012 | Reply

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