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Sunday Beauty 102

I didn’t have to go looking for an interesting image to post today. Today’s SB kinda just .. fell into my lap.

How that happened was, some guy “liked” yesterday’s article. And I happened to notice that his was an intriguingly-named web address (“”)
So (after checking the W.O.T. and SiteAdvisor colors) I clicked, and took a look-see.

I am glad I did. There are some very nice, and very interesting images posted there. But because I noted that he is offering these images for sale, I am not going to violate his ‘copyright’, or whatnot, and copy>paste one of his photos — but I will give you a small “sample” (sometimes known as a “tease”) and invite you to click and see his gallery of spectacular images.

Click me to see more!

Though the website’s title is “Canadian Hiking Photography”, there is more to see there than just some nature pictures. And he writes several “how I took that shot” articles that I think all you amateur shutterbugs will want to see. It won’t take much of your time (it’s a small website) so go ahead, click here. Take a peek for yourself.

Today’s quote:Well done is better than well said.” ~ Poor Richard’s Almanac

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