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A Quiet Word To The Honchos At Ma Bell…

Recently I began letting my answering machine answer all incoming calls.

And, for the last several weeks, have been mentioning to random people that I am considering stopping my landline service altogether, due to the fact that (an average of) 12 telemarketing calls a day is making me see red.

Their response to me has been almost universal. It goes, “you mean you haven’t done that yet?

Now.. we all know Washington’s Do Not Call List is a sad joke, but I was an early adopter, and I am not going to ding the idea behind it. What I am going to say here is, if you happen to be a honcho at a TelCo, and you’re losing sleep over all the folks UNsubscribing, you might want to reconsider the idea (blame) that we’ve all switched to cell phones. (It’s not totally true.)

And consider doing something about the vile plague that is telemarketing.

If you don’t, soon, well.. at least one fella is going to stop sending you cash every month —

And that is the most polite way I can phrase it.

*     *     *

Here in the Bay Area, the theft of cell phones (iPhones) and tablets (iPads) has gotten so.. um, common, that authorities are advising us not to use them in public.. (kinda where you need them). Here’s a great read: A cell phone of my very own. Hello, crooks – San Francisco Chronicle

A visit to my local cell phone store on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland brought the frenzy connected to the rollout of each new generation of ...”

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