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Important. Scary. And Some Fun, Too

(For Your Friday.)

Yesterday I posted an article about our networks and GoDaddy that I do hope you all read. (When experts say “we’re going about this all wrong” …) Today I have some equally important reads for you.

* Adobe code signing infrastructure hacked by ‘sophisticated threat actors’

The eyebrow-raising hack effectively gave the attackers the ability to create malware masquerading as legitimate Adobe software and signals a raising of the stakes in the world of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).” Read more..

(I like the article’s last sentence best.)

One of the factors that had me unusually busy these last weeks has been an increase in people buying new machines, as they wanted to upgrade/update “before Windows 8 gets here.” (And the time for that is now.) But even corporate IT types will want to read this next..

* Even Windows 8 early adopters prefer Windows 7 by two to one

A survey find that even hard-core Windows 8 fans prefer Windows 7 by a two to one margin.Read more..

(My favorite sentence: “This is an upgrade that drastically changes the technology without adding significant improvements.”)

I have said it before, but I’ll say it again: the time to get off of Windows XP is years past, now. Further, my humble opinion, you will be happier buying now and getting Windows 7 than “waiting for Windows 8″… (Tablets and phones excepted.)

Marry Me Sugar Daddy dot com

I see things.

Marry Me Sugar Daddy dot com? Do people actually visit websites like this? (I am certain they do..) And you wonder why dot com bubbles burst..

Good New! Registry Launches Search Engine for Porn

You know what the Internet needs? A search engine for porn. Well, Internet, your wish has been granted. The ICM Registry today took the wraps off, which will allow users to more easily sort through the adult content available on the .XXX domain.Read more..

Friday Fun: What? You’re still here? Okay.. how about a “funny video”.. (I do not have time to preview that one, so watch at your own risk..)

Today’s quote:Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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